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Screenguest® is a service layer for cross- and intra-organizational, secure and trustworthy data management.

As groups of experts for science and business, we enable tailor-made Digital Transformation.

The Challenge

We all know the importance of data. Nevertheless, it is often very difficult to establish a powerful and reliable data management system.

If an optimization in a single field of activity is already a challenge, it quickly reaches insurmountable limits in the organization-wide and cross-organizational exchange.

The attempt to achieve various goals, to keep grown structures, established processes and technical barriers under control often seems hopeless.

What can we do to share information efficiently and confidently and extract new knowledge from linked data streams?

Thoughts circulate...

Screenguest® Services

Screenguest is a digitalization start-up located in Austria. We focus on highly effective and trustable data management across departments, partnerships and organizations for our customers.

Our team is made up of highly qualified experts from different fields, such as natural sciences, computer science, DevOps and software development, all with the common goal of taking you to the next level.

We offer data management evaluation, planning and monitoring, as well as workshops and flow-oriented data orchestration.

The Screenguest® team uses the most successful tools for Cloud & Cluster Management, Data Science, AI, ML and Software Development and supports among others the languages Scala, Python, Elixir and Ruby.

Screenguest process flow